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DZ001 - Anime Animation Art Cels from collection purchased about 20 years ago

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Product Description

Anime Animation Art Cels


Large quantity of animation anime cels available. More than 1000 available.

These animation anime art cartoon production film cels were all hand drawn and this collection was purchased about 20 years ago.

These animation anime art cartoon film cels were produced by the Shanghai Animation Film Studio.

Hand drawn in 1998 - 1999.

Name of animation film is "LOTUS LANTERN"  (see link to movie by clicking the following)  



Lotus Lantern is a Chinese animated feature film based on the Chinese fairy tale, The Magic Lotus Lantern, produced by Shanghai Animation Film Studio.   1999

An old Chinese cartoon about a female goddess who fell in love with a mortal man, they gave birth to a boy named Chen Xiang. However, her brother did not approve to their marriage and buried his sister under a mountain. Chen Xiang travelled on a long journey to find the great monkey king because only he could help him to save his mother.

We have other cels included in collection but I do not know the names of the films. All of these were produced by the Shanghai Animation Film Studio.

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